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Tanzende Art & Design ~ Contemporary and fine art of Cassandra Fink Anderson

View all of the Galleries above for art works featuring the artist's love of organic forms and vivid rich colors;

in sculpture, paintings, wine art, and wearable sculpture.

Welcome to Tanzende Art & Design

Welcome to Tanzende Art & Design

Features Contemporary and Fine Art of Cassandra Fink Anderson

Glenn Herman Parker is the new owner of Cassandra's sculpture in steel and stilbite, from the Minerals that Rock! event on September 26, 2015. Stay tuned for future Tanzende art raffles and auctions where YOU can win original works of fine art!


See video for the event here... 

What we can do for you...

Could your living space use more color? Does your office area impart a sense of wonder and inspiration to those who enter? Displaying great art gives the impression that the collector is imbued with culture, depth and confidence; that one is well rounded and well traveled enough to know what they like. Whether we create it or collect it, art elevates our surroundings and allows us to express our identity through our personal environment.  

The Tanzende Art & Design Private Gallery and Sculpture Garden located in Plano, Texas, offers a diverse selection of fine original art works for purchase  - rich paintings in vivid colors, as well as metal sculptures with gem stones -- the perfect synergy of dimension and light. Stay tuned for upcoming shows and educational art events that allow you to meet the artist, see fabulous art, and network with other art lovers!