Phone: 469.506.2224

I just had a response from your father and he gave me your web site, it is very impressive and I would like to come by and meet you. I live near the Oak Lawn address in Highland Park. Joyce A... Belclaire Ave, Dallas

Joyce Alban
manager / Dallas, TX USA

Thank you for sharing your work with me. I have never seen such beautiful art. I look forward to seeing your art in person. You are truly a gifted artist.

Walter Perreira
Hathaway Pines CA United States

Would love to get more info on your upcoming events, and price list for the small to med sculptures. Lovely presentation!

Fort Worth Texas USA

Hello dear lady, ms. ANDERSON I have just been swimming in your beautiful dark blue web pages of exquisite world of color and creation. I am so happy to see and know of your great success. Just yesterday I spoke your name. I am interested in buying from you please send prices of circle series, under the sea, and jewelery, the hair comb...etc general price range. What will be shown at the show in May.
Send love light and blessing claudia

Dallas TX 75205 USA

Would like more info on your upcoming event, thanks!

Helen B.
Dallas TX 75205 USA

Loved it all, Cassandra! Can't decide which are my favorites, but I had to smile when I saw your 'Looking Out'. It reminded me of all those little black kitties that keep mysteriously appearing on my block. I have 2 old neutered cats with tell-tale drooping bellies as to their advanced age that live on cushioned benches in my backyard. I spy the little black kitties every now and then when they have ventured into my front yard paradise garden. Love to know more about all your great work and look forward to seeing your beautiful pieces displayed all over our East Dallas neighborhood! We are so proud that you are a neighbor!

Edwina Dye
Manager / Dallas Texas USA