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Wearable Sculpture Gallery

These one of a kind, ornate wearable sculptures in precious metals and gemstones have been exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the Southwest. All works in this gallery were created by Cassandra Fink Anderson.

"I grew up around sculptor's wax, and it was always my preferred medium when doing small lost wax casting. Because of this, I use a building and layering process, as opposed to a carving away process. I never considered myself a jeweler, but a sculptor who happened to make jewelry-sized one of a kind wearable pieces, that also happened to be made of fine gemstones and precious metals. One difference as I see it, is less emphasis on making the gemstone always the main focus, as jewelry tends to.  I believe a piece of art should be valued not only for the sum of its materials; sculpture puts more emphasis on theme, concept, shape and form of the overall piece, using rare and precious gemstones to accent that form. To emphasize more color on certain areas, 24 kt gold plating was used as a way to paint the piece.

The goal has always been to make each work stand on its own, whether adorning the body or not. Every piece has a story or poem behind it, and each one is individually signed."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Cassandra


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